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2019 YLHS Men's Volleyball Players


Congratulations to the following players who made the YLHS Men's Volleyball Program after the 2018 Fall tryouts.  Teams (V, JV, F/S) will be announced after the Spring tryouts.

*If your name is not on this list, you did not make a team after the 2018 Fall tryouts.  We welcome you to tryout again in the Spring, please stay tuned for the Spring tryout dates.


Jordan Amling
Dylan Aoyagi
Josh Derby 
Daniel Diaz
Carson Gonzalez
Aidan Holihan
Matthew Lee
Brandon Livdahl
Justin Lopez
Brandon Luong
Jared Martinez
Jared Mesa

*Adrian Gonzalez - Team Manager Frosh/Soph

Jason Milnie
Scott Montez
Zach Morris
Raj Patel
Collin Priest
Dylan Regenberg
Troy Reindl 
Alex Robinson
Kyle Saba
Daniel Sanchez
Nico Schgich
Matthew Serrao

Evan Shank
Toring Stanly
Justin Stevens
Marcus Tran
Noah Vasquez
Joe Vollmer
Justin Wang
Braden Waugh
Zach Weston
Gavin Willindorf
Nicholas Wynn
Steven Yano